Double Tap is a Las Vegas based company that firmly believes in protecting the Second Amendment rights guaranteed to all American citizens under the Constitution of the United States of America. We advocate everyone’s right to bear arms, and believe that this right is fragile and increasingly important to exercise in today’s political climate. We recognize the importance of becoming educated about the unique responsibility that comes with exercising your American freedoms. At Double Tap we pride ourselves in taking the time to explain the components of gun ownership and support reputable businesses that are key in proper training, safety and ultimately self defense.

Double Tap is a veteran and family owned business founded specifically to protect and provide the right of gun ownership that makes our nation unique and our people empowered. As a proud Veteran of the armed forces we have the utmost respect for the small percentage of the population that selflessly devote their time to the Military. It is their sacrifice to protect our freedoms that make our drive to exercise them so profound.

We pride ourselves on competitive pricing and understand the value of personalized customer service. Our emphasis is on self defense and making sure that each gun owner is locating the right hand gun or assault rifle for their specific needs. Quality is a priority, and we will take the time needed to research and locate just the right item for our customers if it is not already in stock. Our tactical gear is carefully chosen to be of the highest quality. Many men and women of our Military and Law Enforcement currently use these products and have provided rave reviews.

The Double Tap family looks forward to arming you and your family with all of their self defense needs.

Come and get it! So you can hit it! TWICE!

Double Tap